Forex hfx

HarmonicForex Asia's Only Accredited Harmonic Trading Academy I continued to trade with the company for about 18 months, my balance was increasing and decreasing and stable once i stop trading because I got busy with other matters. Probably the best harmonic forex traders in the world.

Bcseccom 732 - BC Securities Commission about my experience : i started to trade with the gold - amount about 2500$ and i gain 13.436 $ in one month - and i asked to withdrawal 9000$ and in the next two days i received the amount in my bank account thanks again i hardly recommend hfx company one of the best!!!!! They sit in Israel and they hire English speaking personal and they tell the staff to lie about the location of the company (they claim they sit in London) and they even lie about their names so they will sound like a legit british company. Horizon FX Investments Limited Partnership Horizon LP was formed on. Ali was the President and sole director of Horizon GP and HFX.

HIFX - Online Bank-Beating International Money Transfer Service I was surprised that after a few months I earned 1500$ dollars. Welcome to HiFX, where we help more than 100,000 people and 6,000 businesses transfer money every year quickly, easily, securely and at bank-beating exchange rates.


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